Look Up [Vinyl]

Look Up [Vinyl]

Mod Sun

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Mod's debut album on Rostrum! 2 LP on drip paint splatter vinyl - each one is different!

Mod Sun brings those feel-good vibes you know him for... - The Current


Side A

  1. Look Up
  2. Headed Home
  3. Free Love
  4. Goddess feat. G-Eazy

Side B

  1. Did It Again Last Night
  2. Howlin' at the Moon
  3. My Hippy feat. Dizzy Wright
  4. Shoot 'Em Down feat. MGK, blackbear

Side C

  1. My Favorite Shirt is My Skin
  2. Never Quit feat. Travis Barker
  3. 1970
  4. Not That Bad feat. Jody Highroller

Side D

  1. Modivation
  2. Mushrooms
  3. Same Way (Pt. 2)